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PARENTS COURSE is offering you their latest journey into soul development:  a relevant and fascinating adventure into the world of the FOUR SENSES.  As an adult, you will find substance for your own development which translates to the people who are in your life; especially to our children who, in our present demanding lives of virus lockdowns and over-use of screens are deeply in need of clear understanding rather than conditioned reactions from those around them who love them and only wish for the best.                   

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                            WHO WE ARE and WHAT WE WE WISH TO OFFER
PARENTS COURSE offers practical guidance for parents and teachers of children from birth to adulthood.

Course contents are inspired by the insights of Rudolf Steiner whose unbiased observations and clear concepts have introduced the World to a new direction in our understanding of child development.   We wish to pass this transformative understanding on to you.  Our intention is to enhance the theory with practical examples and guide-lines by bringing forward professionals who utilize their understanding of Rudolf Steiner’s world view in their practices.

 THE PARENTS COURSE presenters’ community is drawn from practicing professionals —- occupational therapists, art therapists,  teachers, medical doctors and nurses.  Together, we form the PRESENTERS' COMMUNITY.  We spend a lot of time discussing, together, how best to present our content..  If there is something that you would like us to consider as a future course, please Email and we can see what we can do.  parentscourse1@gmail.com    So far, all topics have been asked for by you, the participants.  We would prefer to keep it this way because then we can meet the need instead of just making abstract guesses.

 THROUGH CLEAR EXAMPLES our courses will help you to see your child in a new way.  Therefore, our courses can also be seen as a path of self- development through which you will be able to work more harmoniously with your child.

WE ARE WORKING TO DEVELOP FURTHER COURSES on the development of the child and its relevance to your personal journey.  Visit this site again to keep in touch with future courses. 

 FEES for our courses are kept to an absolute minimum: $25 --- $50 for a  FULL course (that is, NOT $25 --- $50 per session!) —  because we know that when we can reach out to a big number of participants then we are able to give support and encouragement to many children. Fees vary according to the content and the constellation of the presenters. Please talk to your friends and share the new ideas that you have gained from your course.  In this way, we can form an ever- expanding community of support and understanding of the developing child and its needs.